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Although my company is deeply involved in the design and sales of Travel Related Incentives and Rewards, first and foremost, we are a travel agency. Everything we do here is for the purpose of gaining access to travel customers.Travel Agencies have been through some pretty big changes over the years starting with the airlines deciding that we didn’t deserve a commission for our services anymore. That sort of snowballed through many other travel service providers as the Internet opened up access to many of the same travel sources that we travel agencies used to call our own.Today, instead of earning a commission by simply booking reservations for their clients, travel agencies must specialize in areas where they can guarantee travel service providers a large number of travelers. This allows the agency to negotiate rates below what is available to the consumer directly. So, the travel agency of this new era is now working for the travel services provider instead of the traveler. To make the new concept work, agencies are always looking for favorable pricing on the most desirable types of travel and then struggle to find the 1000’s of travelers they need so they can keep their contracts.I developed my business model a number of years ago before the commission crunch began and unknowingly got a jump on the trend. I decided to try and market travel packages through the Human Resource departments of large companies. I put together cruise packages based on favorable rates I was getting from a few cruise lines sailing out of Florida. I offered these discount packages to employees as a company benefit. The companies loved it and were quite willing to put my flyers in their employee’s pay envelopes each week. That was almost 20 years ago and I still have a few companies that still use my original program today.Getting really low rates on the most desirable types of travel is great but getting it for free is even better! While most agencies were desperately looking for more travelers, I knew if I could provide the travel services for little or nothing, this would never be a problem for me. I just had to figure out how I could get someone else to pay all or at least some of the travel expenses.Living in Florida I watched as condominiums were being built one after the other from one coast to the other and all points in between. These were time share condo developments and they were some of the nicest resorts that Florida had to offer. They had a lot of empty suites week after week and they were looking for travelers too. I made a few calls and soon after I had arrangements with dozens of resorts that would give me access to their accommodations simply to have the opportunity to show my travelers around in hopes they would buy. All I needed now was a cost effective way to let people know what I had to offer.It wasn’t just me that was looking for customers; everyone that was in any kind of business was looking for customers. I got together with a few marketing managers I knew and proposed that we work together. If they would cover the cost of the fees, I could give them a travel certificate that they could in turn give to their customers in reward for their business. It wasn’t long before I had several business owners who were promoting my travel packages by purchasing travel certificates from me and then giving them out to all their customers. It was the perfect idea: Travelers got to go to great places almost for free, my business associates got terrific sales incentives at a great price and I got plenty of travelers to fulfill my contracts with all my fees prepaid!Since then I’ve design 100’s of travel certificate programs. The scope of each program is based primarily on the amount of money the business wants to pay per certificate towards the fees. The travelers makes up the difference but still has access to deeply discounted travel services that they would not be able to get elsewhere.

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Travelers in this digital era expect information and personalization whenever and wherever they travel. As time is a scarce resource, staying connected 24*7 has become a common feature of travel. Wireless internet technologies along with mobile devices have contributed a lot to transform the entire travel experience. According to iSuppli Corp., an US-based market research firm, in September 2010 the worldwide subscription for wireless services reached 5 billion, which equals 73.4 percent of total global population. Additionally, International Data Corporation (IDC) states that the smartphone market witnessed a 79.7% growth in the first quarter of 2011.This proliferation in the adoption of wireless technology and mobile devices has created two converging trends that made the travel process less “situation specific” and more “anytime, anywhere”. Mobile devices, smart phones and tablet PCs are blurring the line between phones and computers. Wireless internet technology improves the traveler’s experience from researching about a destination to choosing a flight, hotel and ground transportation. Now people don’t need to visit a travel agent’s office physically or sit beside a desktop PC for destination search or booking of flights and hotels. Mobile wireless services have enabled them to do all these on the go at their own convenience.While the technological advancement facilitates a pleasant experience for the travelers, it also creates ample opportunities for the travel service providers to easily target the niche markets. According to PhoCusWright report, 35% of the mobile users prefer to book their flight tickets using their mobile devices. Thus, most airline operators have their mobile applications that help consumers book their flights along with other ancillary services easily. The mobile broadband on demand service fulfills its promise of always-on devices and always-connected travelers, which in turn provides utility, convenience and facilitates superior customer experience.Wireless internet technology also has its impact on destination services. Organizations dealing in travel, tourism and hospitality business are offering destination based contents that help travelers to navigate the location. Reports show that 60% of the travelers share their location to get better information and better deals at their fingertips. Further, it becomes clear from the market surveys that sales and promotions are the two most important information types that mobile users often look for while in a holiday.According to the market experts, the demand for mobile wireless services with multi-device connectivity features would double up in the next three years. With sustainable growth in global trade and commerce, the international business interaction is also increasing. For the corporate travelers, a reliable internet service works as lifeblood that keeps their business growing. Most business travelers prefer pay-as-you-go mobile broadband plans; these are no contract internet plans that help users save a lot on connectivity cost, while relieving them from the hassle of hunting internet services when in an unknown place.Wireless data services have increased public access to the internet, empowering the travel product suppliers to sell their products/services directly to the potential consumers. In the recent past 4G internet services has been introduced, which took the surfing experience to the next level. By using advanced technology, the telecommunication providers made it easy for the travelers to access their online content from anywhere at any time they want.

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You may travel due to leisure or for business purposes. For your exceptional travel experiences and other arrangements, The Travel Concierge Services now comes in and offers you various services including; making reservation for travel, hotels, restaurants and interesting places to visit. As your personal assistant and consultant, the concierge achieves the impossibility and attends to your slightest desire as a client. The travel concierge services cater for individuals and organist ions providing a whole range of services. Travel arrangements, events planning, vacation planning; documentation and management are the typically offered services.During traveling for instance out of the United States, passports are required for documentation purposes. The Travel Concierge Services assists you with information and application forms for the US passports. You are also advised on what your destination may require, you are also provided with application forms, instructions and even send for processing. Additionally since health regulations may apply, you are appropriately advised on what inoculation and the necessary documentation.The Concierge Travel Services has a developed wireless to give you access to local concierge in all cities in the world. The personal shopper located in your nearest city will help you arrange your personal shopping experience since they know the latest fashion. The Travel Concierge will help you organize your finest personal and corporate travel plans into luxury hotels. Furthermore, high quality concierge services that include; a travel concierge for organizing your holidays in a total of more than 4500 of 4 and 5 star of the most luxurious hotels around the globe with preferred rates, rental services for luxury cars like Bentley Lamborghini, Mercedes,BMW and many others wherever you are.Tailor-made solutions for your business and private excursions, stays, holidays and expatriation plans, private chartered jets are done by your personal concierge, Chartered yachts in the Caribbean Island: Dubai and more with the financing: insurance and registration are also included in this package.Additionally you can be provided with Bodyguard security for special events and VIP shows, personal shopping in luxury stores for sales on clothes and accessories like handbags: dresses: jeans and shoes, individualized skin care at home for you, professional chef that comes to your functions and prepares cuisine for you and your guests at home, wine specialist at your home or online to advice you on how to prepare your meals and grand recipes.The Travel Concierge Services has professionals with adverse background in all things travel related. All are specialist in service deliverance. There duty is to give you that extra experience you deserve when traveling. They are committed in delivering traveling experiences that are beyond expectations for as a client since you the best.

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This is rightly named as the age of traveler-centricity and with the evolution of the new era of personalized travel; it is leading to research and development of a host of new so-called intelligent services. The command-and-control perspectives of traveling have changed a lot from the past and the focus has shifted more on the traveler and the productivity of each trip. It has become essential to maintain that the travelers have the greatest return on investment on each trip. New generations of young employees and managers, who have been growing up and dwelling in a digital age, are moving up the ranks as travelers. It has become essential to recognize the need for greater flexibility acknowledging that the employees who travel on corporate trips also consider a percentage of their trip to be a leisure outlet. With increasing globalization and rise in companies sending their staff overseas to network and connect with their offshore prospects/customers/suppliers, corporate travel is a highly profitable tourism segment. Before we talk about how tourism companies can better cater to business travelers, let us first look at why they prefer to use specialized corporate agencies over traditional agentsWhy do businesses use Corporate Travel Agencies?This might be the most basic question for a travel agency as to why they need to use agencies specializing in corporate travel when there are plenty of regular travel agents in the market. Here is the importance of corporate travel agencies who have online systems which allow business travelers access to their complete itinerary.The following information is at the fingertips of the CTAs:-

full business itinerary details

up-to-date tracking details of flights (including delays or rescheduling)

transparent details about additional costs such as baggage fees or in-flight fees

travel alerts, if any, in the destined area

complete and up-to-date details about the visa procurement policies and identification required

currency requirement and conversion rates
What do corporate clients expect from Corporate Travel Agencies?Negotiated FaresThe Corporate Agencies tend to have tie-ups with hotels, car rentals, flights etc. giving them access to lower fares which can be used only by the frequent business travelers. Discounted prices are not the only advantage though as they also offer flight upgrades, room upgrades, and VIP check-in lines as required.In-depth information about the travel industryCorporate travel agents have access to many travel resources and most importantly, quickly, than any other leisure travel agent. Additional information helps to make the business trips convenient and comfortable.Changes in ItineraryWhen an airline ticket needs to get rescheduled or cancelled, chances are the airline or the online service provider will charge lofty fees. When booking with a corporate travel agent, most of the times schedule changes can be done at zero or minimal extra charges.Viable emergency contactsIt is important for the business travelers to reach the correct person at the need of trouble. Corporate travel agents have the experience and professionalism to relieve stress for both the traveler and the company.What you need to consider as corporate travel increases?Business Travel Barometer reported that corporate travel is witnessing an accelerated growth. However, when poorly managed, it may be no longer an advantage to companies and may, in fact become a burden. There are some factors which the corporations and CTAs must consider to get the best out of the time spent traveling.Adopting a travel policyThe corporate must define a travel policy which is applicable to and respected by travelers at all levels. This policy should be used to establish the standards which will help to track the improvement of business travel. It will eventually help to reduce the costs of the entire package.Do not limit the traveler’s autonomyThe management is responsible for budgeting the travel policy which helps to improve cost management however, it is also essential to give a degree of autonomy to the traveler. The policy should be flexible enough to allow the employee to adapt the trip as per the situation.Traveler’s security should be a major concernBusiness travelers need to have security in place. The company needs to stick to its definition of standards to ensure the employee’s integrity. The CTAs should have reliable partners (travel insurance, airlines, hotel chains etc.).Mobility and automationTo optimize time and ease the processes, the administration of management platforms should have automated processes. This means they should adopt mobile solutions where search options, travel alerts, ticket reservations etc. can be accessed quickly, easily and on the go.Corporate Travel Trends in 2016Corporate travel trends tend to change regularly. 2016 has also not been any different and the travel management companies (TMCs) and corporate travel agencies (CTAs) are quite focused to provide steady if not strong axis all over. A growing MICE sector, investments in mobile and big data and enhanced focus on duty of care are some of their areas of focus.Rising pricesThe consolidated buzzword among global suppliers, airfares, hotel rates etc. is the rising fares. It is sometimes the move of the suppliers to generate discounts which encourage travel if there is a strong decline in demand. A positive 2016 world economy has been bringing an increase in air fares of a few percentage points, hotels are expected to see 4%-6% rise in average global rates and the competition will remain moderate in the car rental services.Duty of careRisk management is one of the major points of emphasis for corporations. Corporate customers are allowing new policies and improved technologies to monitor employees’ location in case of an emergency, especially when they are travelling to foreign destinations. For instance, Concur Risk Messaging helps to identify the travelers moving around in the world and alerts them with alternate travel arrangement as and when needed.Focusing on MICEMeetings industry is a major growing sector and the corporate travel trend is developing on it. The corporate travel agencies should better start aligning the various meeting procurement methodologies with its transient travel sourcing. One of the ways could be to broaden the variety of meeting services by incorporating incentive trips within it.Investing in technologyA sharper focus on increasing value and becoming more traveler-centric can be done by bringing in mobile friendly technologies. Mobile and big data are definitely the two most significant technological investments which any corporate travel agency must focus to make their platform more appealing.Business travel analysis after BrexitFollowing Brexit, ACTE and CAPA shared their speculations. According to them, the greatest short-term effects on the travel industry will come from the weakening of the pound against other world currencies. Greeley Koch, executive director for the Association of Corporate Travel Executives said that the business travel industry will trend on currency fluctuations; with some companies taking advantage of the weaker pound and traveling more, while others may withhold business travel until world markets find their own level.Impact of terrorism on corporate travelersTravel policy makers and administrators need to be guided by rising terrorism scare. For executives and staff undertaking travel on behalf of businesses, the travel agents and corporate travel agencies (CTAs) should prove the reassurance for their safety through the travel policies. It is more than likely that the surveys conducted over corporate travelers reflect the general concern of the global business travelers about the spate of terrorism. However, there is no denying the fact that terrorist threat is changing the patterns of business travel. The key impact of this is to keep in mind that the companies providing travel services for business travelers need to enhance their focus on security and the associated risks in delivering the services to corporate clients. According to a recent finding, travel managers have higher estimation of their policy’s effectiveness in addressing risk compared to skeptical business travelers.ConcludingAlthough the corporate travel sector has continued to progress, there are a plethora of challenges faced by the industry. A rapidly changing consumer market, the emergence of new business models, the impact of technology, man-made and natural crises are some of the fulcrum points that need to be considered before planning corporate trips.

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Some of the common doubts that a decision maker in any Travel Firm has while considering outsourcing its key services are enumerated below:Why should I consider outsourcing my travel services?What are the advantages and how is it beneficial for the future growth of not only the business but also the respective stakeholders?The trend in the travel industry is evolving. It is in direct response to the fast-changing business environment. From rising costs to increasing consumer demand and expectation, a travel organizations’ strategy is required to be in sync with the present day requirement of having a strong web presence. Travel enterprises are heading towards a revolution. The growing demand of web-savvy consumers and severe economic pressures are creating a need for relevant guidance and support. Organizations are, thus, looking for ways to tackle the industry-specific dynamic and ever changing requirements. To meet the increasing needs of this industry, outsourcing firms have come up with value-added business solutions and services. These business solutions offered by experienced service providers allow these organizations to increase their business proficiency level, without adversely affecting their operating costs.As it becomes essential for these travel organizations to sustain their competitiveness and increase growth by alternative means, they are outsourcing their business operations to increase their output and remain profitable at the same time. Service providers help enterprises and encourage them to use Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as a strategy to gain a certain competitive edge by managing and leading this transformation better. To stay economical, travel and hospitality organizations are considering outsourcing of their fundamental enterprise-wide processes and services. This also helps them in enhancing their operational capability while at the same time makes their operations cost effective in comparison to the immediate competition.The top service providers having over a decade of experience in managing travel processes understand the changing market scenario. Thus, they improve their range of services from time to time and focus on adding value to their clients’ business. The services that get a positive push include:Sales support
Social media monitoring
Loyalty programs
HelpdeskBPO Service providers offer the above mentioned services to travel organizations in order to establish, support and manage their processes in a much more effective and efficient manner. Understanding client challenges with regards to increased competition on tariffs, handling over-capacity, dealing with unstable market conditions and ever increasing maintenance costs, service providers offer a wide-range of services to these enterprises. The service providers undertake end-to-end back office functions, helping organizations concentrate on other key deliverables. A committed team of outsourced professionals help organizations meet their business objectives timely and adequately. Domain expertise, large pool of resources and cost-effective solutions provided by highly killed and specialized outsourcing firms help enterprises focus on their key business areas and strategic plans.The blend of professional offerings, industry specific best practices and exclusive tools and techniques, add value to a client’s business by assisting them in improving customer service, reduce day to day costs and streamline processes in an efficient, qualitative and productive manner.Today, most organizations are well equipped to tackle the growing customer needs, the issues related to managing travel cards and similar areas with the help of outsourcing. Backed by state of the art technology, effective process mechanisms in place and robust infrastructure, service providers posses relevant domain expertise to enhance business efficiency throughout the operational chain of travel and related industries.

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Yes, of course it does, but as much as it should?When you think of the number of travel directories and websites available to travelers you would think that this is a world free of the normal conventions of business but unfortunately it is often bound by restrictions that travelers would not appreciate. Pricing of travel is one of the conventions that are not yet totally free of restrictions and understandably so due to distribution considerations.Travel businesses using the traditional distribution chains for the sale of their products need to allow for the payments of commission to various levels of middlemen, Inbound Tour Operators, Wholesalers and Retailers, all who need to take a percentage for their efforts in enabling travel services and products to reach the consumer.Websites however, reach directly to consumers and enable them to make direct bookings with travel providers but they can still incur the costs attributed to these middlemen. But, to place a two-tier price for each product could deter the agents from representing products so a new way had to be found. This is where TopTravelSites stepped in with their newly developed service for the travel provider who wants to continue with the traditional supply chain but also wants to encourage travelers who are comfortable with making their own arrangements directly with providers and who do not need the services of travel agents, just the internet.The service called TopTravelVouchers gives travelers a ‘fair fare price’ on direct bookings but the provider still incurs the cost of commission.This new price format is achieved by the travel operator issuing a voucher in exchange for marketing, promotion and deliverance of travelers directly to their websites to make their bookings. The voucher is sold to travelers at deeply discounted prices to their redemption values enabling the traveler to be the beneficiary of a ‘nearly net’ price for the travel package or service. The operator of TopTravelVouchers does not have the normal costs that are attributable to retail and wholesale agents such as shops, reservation systems, brochures and high staffing and is thus able to encourage travelers to book directly with their clients and to get a price saving for their efforts. It is in effect a travel agent that does not sell travel, only travel vouchers, which are to be used towards travel purchased from the travel companies who are participating in the service.Many travel businesses do not use middlemen, often due to the small size of their travel operation, but they would still be prepared to pay a commission or fee for a referral or a sale. They still need to make travelers aware of their products and services and to be able to offer encouragement and a reward gives them an opportunity to reach out to travelers who prefer to deal directly with operators.There are thousands of smaller travel businesses around the world ranging from B&B’s, Family Boutique Hotels, Small Tour Operators, Adventure and Eco Tours that are rarely seen by the vast majority of travelers. These operators are not found in the glossy travel brochures or represented by travel agents but they often have excellent products and services which can be seen on their websites. Many of them are willing to pay a commission to a seller of their products but are not able to get travel agent representation. This new voucher system allows them to encourage and reward travelers who prefer to handle their own arrangements directly with the operators by offering a price that reflects discounted commission costs and thus savings for the do-it-yourself traveler.TopTravelVouchers sell at three price levels according to the savings on each: $30, $50 or $100usd or equivalent currency if purchased outside of the USA. They may often be purchased in multiples, benefiting families or groups and at the time of this article there was a voucher costing $100usd with a value of 1,500euros (around $2,000usd) offered on a small ship cruise in Greece that is also a small travel operator not normally represented by the agency system.Travelers are given 100% money-back guarantees if the vouchers are not used within 1 year of issue but maybe this should be for two years as the vouchers are normally valid for 2 years. Even after the completion of travel and travelers are unhappy with the quality, the voucher cost is reimbursed by TopTravelSites and the problem taken up with the travel operator.It is obvious that this service will only work for TopTravelSites if supported by the world of travel providers who need to expand their representation as the retention of only a small percentage on each sale needs to be followed by high volumes of voucher sales but it is a unique service offering benefits to both travelers and the smaller travel businesses in the travel industry utilising the logical use of the internet for direct bookings.If you want to see the current voucher offers you can visit them at

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Mailing lists – are they really useful in helping you locate a travel agent? Well, mailing lists are a new concept that has gained momentum with the advent of internet. These mailing lists are generally a database of the service providers, which the customers are in search of. A mailing list for travel agents is of utmost importance, because only a travel agent can make all the arrangements to make your tour a grand success.Where does one find a travel agent? The answer, in the current scenario, has to be the internet. There are scores of websites ready with a list of agents. But, such a list has to be from a trustworthy and reputed website. After all, a traveler could be visiting a totally new destination where all the facilities, including boarding, lodging, and transportation, have to be pre-arranged.Reputation is the key for any service provider. Here are a few tips that will help you choose a travel agent par excellence:· He must be licensed
· Have in-depth knowledge about tourism
· Should have a strong network, preferably across the globe
· Must book flight or train tickets
· Ability to arrange accommodation
· Allocate a tourist guide for sightseeing
· A good fleet of limousines, cars, buses, and vans
· Must ensure tourist safety
· Have a contingency plan in case of any disaster
· An excellent and round the clock customer serviceThe travel agents mailing list must be constantly updated. There is simply no point in a listing that contains the same old agents, which the clients are not very particular about. Also, as the saying goes ‘variety is the spice of life’, every customer would want to try out the services of a new agent. Yet another advantage in changing your agent is that you have an opportunity to know about the various deals that are on offer for the travelers.Did you know that there can be a customized mailing list of agents? Yes, the travelers have the option to specify the services they expect from the agents and a list that is in sync with the customer requirement is created. Further, while purchasing mailing lists, a traveler has the option to choose the format in which the lists should be present.When you need the contact details of some of the best travel agents but simply don’t have the time to search, the best alternative is to resort to the mailing list.

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The thought of having someone at your service 24 hours a day is appealing whatever your reason for travel – whether for a vacation, business, or to visit your family. For some, staying in a hotel is just a place to rest their head while to others it is the destination itself. While some look for clean rooms and a good restaurant, others may prefer to have a variety of activities to keep them occupied during their stay.For that reason hotels are as different as the travellers who stay in them. A traveller may find an Inn near the airport very suitable while another insists on 5 stars in the heart of London. Budget hotels exist for the person who is travelling on a strict budget and there are hotels which cater to the businessman and that offer meeting rooms and other business related services.Resort hotels are popular with families travelling on holiday, while others prefer the quiet exclusivity of a boutique hotel overlooking the Swiss Alps. Boutique hotels offer a more personalized service, smaller and high end, they are often found in urban areas which give guests an opportunity to explore a different side of the city they are visiting.What they all have in common is goods and services, in this case, full services. Hotels comprise a very large section of the establishment in the hospitality industry and are classified as offering full-service or limited-service, or no-service. Full-service hotels offer their guests a host of different services which include at least one restaurant as well as beverage options, be it a coffee bar, cocktail bar or lounge as well as room service. The larger hotels which cater for exclusive clientele quite often have retail shops available for their guests who can find daily newspapers, gifts or cosmetics.On top of this, many full-service hotels offer laundry or valet services, a concierge who can arrange theatre tickets and taxis as well as a host of other services. Some boast swimming pools as well as beauty salons, and you may even be able to find a fitness or health centre.How are Hotels CategorisedFull service hotels, such as a conference hotel, can be distinguished from one another by different features, or services they offer. Conference hotels provide meeting rooms and accommodation for out of town delegates as well as full banqueting services. While there are no hotels categorised as “wedding hotels,” very large weddings are easily hosted in this type of hotel as they not only provide accommodation for the wedding party, but also host the wedding in beautifully decorated rooms while providing full catering services.There are hotels dedicated to casino gambling which offer legal gambling on the same premises along with all the services you may want to find in a full service hotel. Some casino hotels also contain conference or wedding facilities.Merging Full service with Condominium-Style RoomsCondominium resorts are becoming more popular and quite a few luxury full service hotels are adding this option to their services. They tend to be very large establishments and because of this are usually managed by luxury hotel chains. But they can also be independently owned and then affiliated with a hotel chain through franchise agreements. This allows them the opportunity to participate in a national reservation service and gives the impression that they belong to a larger group. The main point is that they provide guests with the services and amenities offered by a full service hotel.More often referred to as resort hotels, this type of accommodation is directed toward families on vacation, but also offers a guest the option of longer stays. They are often set in exotic locations, but can also be found in cities.These offer luxurious accommodations comprising of apartments complete with kitchens, living and dining areas and separated bedrooms. They offer guests a host of recreational facilities which are suited to locations they are set in. Typically you can find these resorts in vacation destinations like Disney World for instance, but most often they are close to nature such as the sea or the mountains.Among the facilities they offer are swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts or other sporting activities like skiing, depending on location. They cater for your children by offering game rooms and supervised entertainment while the adults can make use of beauty spas or health centres.These types of destinations are a great way to combine business with pleasure, and make perfect conference venues. While delegates are kept busy attending meetings during the day, their families are free to explore and partake in the many activities that are designed to keep them entertained and amused. In the evening, baby sitters can be arranged while you dine.Due to the nature of their business, occupancy may fluctuate greatly with the seasons, and because of this you may find great off season offers and other incentives.

Travel Agents Event Management – Travel Service

It does not matter the size of the conference or where it is, travel agents can be a major help in their planning. Travel agents can be especially helpful if it is an international conference. Travel agents can have knowledge of the area as well as such things as transportation, accommodations, and hospitality issues. One of the main hassles when planning a conference is taking care of the needs of the people attending.It doesn’t matter if it is a press release, convention, training seminar, or product launch, travel agents can take care of many of the needs of the attendees so that the people attending or the people running the conferences do not have to worry about those details. The larger the conference the more travel agents can be of service.One of the main ways that travel agents can help with conferences is with transportation and travel needs. Many times if the conference is international the people attending the conference will need a way to get there. Travel agents can help with flight, train or bus information as well as procuring tickets. The larger the group traveling to a conference the more travel agents can be used and many times they can also get better deals. Travel agents are in direct contact with airlines, train lines, and bus services so they can find out if there is space available as well as the best price for the ticket. They can also contact charter services, as it may be cheaper to travel this way for larger groups. Another advantage of using travel agents is that they can be available to coordinate travel times so that it can be easier, once the people arrive, that they do so around the same time making it easier to either get to accommodations or to the conference itself.Another beneficial aspect when using travel agents when dealing with conferences are accommodation issues. Much like travel issues the travel agent can have direct contact with hotels and inns as they can find accommodations for people that are travelling to the conference. Also much like travel they may be able to find better rates than if the people travelling to the conference booked accommodations themselves. One thing that travel agents have as well are information about package deals, which can save people, or a company, a lot of money as travel, accommodation, and transportation services can all be packaged in one deal.When people travel out of town to go to a conference they will also have transportation needs so they can get to and from the conference itself. They can also help with such things as arranging for car rentals and taxi services to and from the conference. Travel agents can also find accommodations that are closest to the conference site. If a travel agent is working with one group of people there is also a better chance that they will be staying in one location, or, at least, close to each other. This is a crucial aspect of a conference if many people from one organization or company are in attendance.While travel agents can be used for many types of conferences one of the most important ways in which they can be used is for companies that need to have many employees in attendance. For example, if the company is having a training seminar for hundreds of employees their main goal is to make sure that the seminar runs smoothly. The company needs to find a conference site and deal with the information that will be presented at a seminar. If the company uses travel agents there is a huge amount of time and resources that can be saved that can be used in areas of more importance. Any time that the company needs to take care of the travel needs of the people in attendance travel agents should be used.Travel agents can also be of service when dealing with hospitality issues as well. If the conference runs more than one day they can find out information such as where to eat and what there is to do in the area that people are traveling to. If the people that attend the conference do everything for themselves they will not be as informed, as if a travel agents took care of them. Travel agents can find restaurants, make reservations, book lunches, and rent out halls, just to name a few things they can do.The hassles that can arise when traveling to conventions can be great for the people traveling to them and the people running them. By using travel agents many of those hassles are taken care of. When dealing with conferences, especially international ones and ones where many people will be in attendance, the things that travel agents can take care can be invaluable to both the company and/or the traveler.

How to Start Home Based Travel Businesses – Travel Service

Home based travel businesses are no longer the wave of the future. Home travel businesses are the hot trend right now. So if you’re considering becoming a travel agent, this brief guide will provide you with information you need to know.First, there are generally two types of home travel businesses:
Referral agencies
Booking and selling agencies
Home based travel businesses that fall into the referral agency category do just that: they refer people to a travel agency. They may have several agencies they refer people to, but most generally have one travel agency that they work with on a regular basis. In return for the referrals from a home based business travel agent, the travel agency pays a referral fee or commission percentage on what the travel agency receives from the supplier. Part-time referral agents can earn up to $500 on each sale, and sometimes even more.The home based travel businesses that fall into the booking and selling agencies category usually work with one travel agency. These booking and selling travel agencies actually do the booking and planning involved in making all the necessary arrangements for great trips.These are people who enjoy attending to all the little details. They serve, more or less, as facilitators between their clients and a travel agency. Booking and selling home based travel business agents earn a lot higher percentage of the overall commission-but they DO do a great deal more work. A full-timer at this, however, can earn $50,000 or more a year.Some things you want to consider before you decide to open your own home based travel business are:
Do I need any special training or education?
Should I pursue this part-time or full-time?
Is my family supportive of my decision?
Do I have a room in my home where I can set up an office?
Should I get an extra phone line?
What sort of office equipment do I need?
What will I do about accounting?
How do I manage my tax needs?
Is this a job I will love?
How much money do I want to make?
Should I do any advertising?
Do I have the contacts I need to pursue this business opportunity?
If I don’t, how do I make the contacts I need?
Am I willing to put the necessary effort into this business?
Does my state require me to have a business license?
Once you’ve answered all or at least most of these questions, you will need to make a business plan, outlining the steps you’ll have to take to achieve your goal of having your own home based travel business. And a plan just isn’t any good unless you follow it.You also need to make sure your business plan is realistic. If you have to take a course to run the type of travel agent home business you want to have, deciding to open up shop next week isn’t reasonable. By being realistic in your business plan, you will save yourself an untold amount of frustration as you start and grow your business.And starting your own business, whether it’s a cruise travel home business or a European vacation home travel business, can be frustrating. Be prepared for obstacles to raise their ugly little heads when you least expect them to, and roll with them as much as you can.Your goal is to offer superior, professional travel services. Don’t let a cranky client get to you. Always keep a pleasant, cheerful demeanor. You can scream later. Better yet, you have a laugh or two over it with friends, while sipping a glass of fine wine that you bought with the money you’ve earned as a home based business travel agent.